Thank you so much for taking us into account for your distribution portfolio.

These are the important points to be an A2S official distributor:

You have knowledge of reference standards market,

You have a large range of distribution at a national level,

You aim to reach a minimum of purchase per year, 

You wish to give personalized attention to the A2S brands. It’s important to us that  you don't handle many brands of the same line. Indeed, we grant an official distribution by country, there is only one distributor of the brand and thus we expect a certain level of reciprocity.

If you meet the requirements to be a distributor you can fill in the following form adding the following details:

- Region
- Brands you want
- Personal Contact Info (Mobile Phone)

More ways to contact us:
Monday to Friday
From 9am to 5pm


A2S Analytical Standard Solutions

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