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Analytical Standard Solutions – A2S – was founded in 2011 by its CEO M. Cyril RUBIO, PhD in Organic Chemistry.
The company is located close to Bordeaux airport, in a fully modernised facility of 11,000 square meters of laboratories, office and storage space.
A2S quickly became a leading manufacturer of Reference Materials (RMs) in France, Europe and around the world, based on a strong distributor network in more than 50 countries.
A2S strives to satisfy customers’ requirements with the highest quality products (more than 95% of our products exceed 97% purity), delivery and services.
Since A2S’s inception, the product line has grown to include over 9,000 Reference Standard products and twice that number of special formulations which have been developed for specific customer needs.
The Company is renowned for its adaptability and responsiveness especially for the manufacture of custom mixtures.
Moreover, to improve the specificity of A2S we offer a selection of labelled standards (2D, 13C, 15N) for all our brands under neat, single solution and unique worldwide custom mixtures.
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N’TOX Brand : 2008

N'TOX Brand Logo

More than 100 different toxins are available in stock in 3 forms: neat, single solutions and mixtures adapted to your needs. This huge selection makes us one of the main producers of Toxins Reference Material in the world. Discover all our ISO 17034 certified toxins in our scope!
Our products can be divided into 2 different families: Mycotoxins & Cyanotoxins.

A2S Brand : 2011

A2S Brand Logo

More than 9 000 references are in stock and available within a couple of days. For almost 95% of our products, the purity is higher than 97%. Our catalogue is increasing each day as a result of new requests from our customers. To be as responsive as possible to our customers’ needs, A2S has set up a large network of suppliers, giving the opportunity to get original products at high purity levels.

COFRAC : 2018


COFRAC accreditation for reference materials signifies official recognition for laboratories specialized in producing and certifying these materials. It assures that accredited labs meet stringent criteria for technical competence, traceability, and quality, ensuring reliability and relevance of the reference materials they provide.
This accreditation demonstrates adherence to international standards and best practices in manufacturing and certifying reference materials, thereby ensuring accuracy and reliability in analyses conducted by other laboratories using these materials as measurement standards.

PHARM'A2S : 2019

PHARM'A2S Brand Logo

More than 800 Pharmaceutical and Veterinary products are available under classical and labelled form: Antibiotics, Psychotropics (under control), Steroids, but also Dyes, Food and Cosmetics, Natural Products, etc…
Each of our reference standards comes with a Certificate of Analysis including free exact weight, and the highest level of spectral documentation